ORM is ‘online reputation management’, but might be better understood as ‘online presence management’

ORM is the process by which activities such as SEO & online marketing are manifested to the business brand when reviewed in SERPs.

The end game is to create, manage & maintain a positive online presence of the brand as perceived by the public. With the rise of social media, it’s more important to monitor the visibility of your brand & how it’s viewed.

ORM as a reputation solution includes services such as:


  • Review monitoring & alerts
  • Customer insights
  • Leads generation



Most customers just want to be heard, & this is facilitated through the ORM funnel. Following a service ie a hotel stay, a customer is encouraged to leave a review. If a customer has bad experience you can prevent them from leaving a negative review on a site by sending their feedback directly to the business owner. So, instead of posting their review on a site for the whole world to see, on a site that ultimately will bring no change whatsoever, they’ll be more inclined to bring their complaint straight to ‘the top’ to someone who can make a difference. The business owner / customer services manager can then directly contact the complainant to apologise / remedy the situation, turning a disgruntled customer into a happier one.

If the customer has had a good experience they are encouraged to share this on review sites, social media, & the company’s own website. Most customers are happy to praise a good service received. This can be incentivised further through money off coupons / charity donations on behalf of the company.

Through this process the email details of customers are accumulated which can be used by the company in future marketing campaigns.



  • Create positive reviews out of those that otherwise would remain silent
  • Identify problems in a business brought to attention by disgruntled customers